Setup pricing table to recurring invoice

What would be the most efficient setup to get a user from a pricing table on the website to the existing customer record, recurring invoice setup with auto-bill enabled and so on

Here’s an example

  • Stripe Pricing Table that shows the different subscriptions
  • Checkout using Stripe
  • Customer information synced to Invoice Ninja
  • Subscription informations synced to Invoice Ninja

Not sure if that would work and I would love to enable PayPal as well, so I probably can’t use Stripe anyhow.

Any suggestions are highly welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


Two options to consider are either using Zapier/Make or creating payment links.

So basically creating one payment link within Invoice Ninja: Free Source Available Invoicing, Expenses & Time-Tracking | Invoice Ninja for every “package” of the pricing table?

Yes, that is correct

Yeah this sounds like the most efficient way. Thanks @hillel :pray:

Happy to help, let us know if you have any other questions.