Setup loop with Docker

I’m trying to install v5 with Docker. So far so good, everything looks ok, Setup page is show up and I can go through all steps. After submitting the setup form, the browser is redirecting the the first step of the setup like the first time.

As I had a look at the database, I found no tables in the db.

Did anybody have this issue in the past?
Which logs might be useful?
Thanks for your help.


Are you using the standard docker-composer file in the invoiceninja/dockersfiles github repo?

For our docker you shouldn’t need the setup screen at all.

Yes, I used the instruction from you GitHub repo.

I dropped the container and started new from scratch.
A second try ended in the same situation. Setup is showing up and is looping again.

None of the variables in the env-file were adopted.

I found a solution in the forum. Adding 1 to the db-variables in the env did the thing.


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