Setup cronjob in cpanel

Hi there, I have installed self-host of invoiceninja and set cron job by provided guide

php /home/path-of-directory ninja:send-invoices and have wait for week to test actually recurring invoice working or not. After 10 days no luck so far.

Can any one advice how can I set cron job properly and check without witing 7 days? I am using cpanel.


Maybe you could try temporarily using * * * * * to run the crons every minute while you’re testing it.

If you have command line access you can try manually running the command.

As of now we have set every miunte cron job, however recurring invoice have weekly/bi-weekly/monthly/annual options only. I am not sure how to test that command provided in guide is working or not?

Can advice what could be command to use in cpanel?


You can create a test recurring invoice sent to your own email address to test.

Which I have already done but not receiving any email so far, have created 3 recurring invoice for testing.

php /home/path-of-directory ninja:send-invoices

can you confirm above command correct or working iwth cpanel? your help would helpful thanks

That looks good to me, you may want to ask your web host for help.

i think you are missing the artisan part of the command ie:

php /home/dir artisan ninja:send-invoices

Thanks Dave!

Hello Folks,

After many days waiting to check recurring invoice, still have no luck. Cron commands looks good but not sure why app not able to send recurring emails/invoices?

Please some one help out. thanks

Please paste the command you’re running.

Also, if you haven’t already try running it from the command line to check for any problems.

5 * * * * php /home/<path-of-dir> artisan ninja:send-invoices

I am on cpanel hosting and not having direct command access but have verified with support team, they accepted that crom cmd able to run

Maybe it’s from editing but I notice there’s a space between the path and artisan, it should be /path/artisan.

Yes its have space between, let me remove and try again, have followed “#4986” from DavidBomba. is there any way to verify quicker. I have to wait one week to see auto invoice working or not as app have minimum weekly recurring.

Have the cron run the script every minute and then create a new recurring invoice to test with.

great its resolved… Many thanks to all

Great to hear, thanks for letting us know!