Settings > Import / Export

Under Settings > Import / Export

I only see options to import.

I was wondering if export is planned for a future release?


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Hey there, I am pretty sure, yes. For now our focus is importing data to version 5, so export feature may come later.

Ben’s correct, we plan to add a server-side export feature in the future.

Until then you can export your data using the export option on the reports page.

Sounds good!

I was hoping to be able to use the export as a kind of backup without having to do a db export from cli.
I don’t know how much work this would be but I think it would be really cool if one could schedule a reoccuring backup to another server ( sftp etc… ) from the UI and in the event the server was lost could just spin up a new server and import the latest backup.

This is working great in 5.2.16-C56!

Is there any plans to make the export fire on a schedule (perhaps a cron job?) So there’s a scheduled backup?


To make a backup we recommend using mysqldump.

If you’d like us to add this feature please create an issue here:

mysqldump works for me! Thanks that’s a good idea.