Setting up emails in different languages

Hi Can we setup different quote, invoice and other emails templates in 3 different languages?


If you set the language on the client and use the default email templates they’ll be translated for you.

If you’d like to configure custom email templates you can create a group for each language to set them up.

Hi Hilel,

I have set the language to a dummy customer to Dutch but still sending the quote email in English, any idea?

Setting the client’s language will only work if you use the default email template.

I suggested a workaround with groups above.

Don’t know how that works Hilel could you give me a push start?

Sure, here are the steps:

  • In the settings create a new group called Dutch
  • Edit the settings for the group to update the email template
  • Assign clients to the Dutch group
  • Repeat steps to add additional languages
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Hi Hillel

I created a group and added the dummy customer and adjusted the quote template to dutch but when sending the quote it still does the “default” english

It may help to send the email using the bulk actions on the quotes data table page.

No no difference it keeps coming up with the same initial email as the template,

I must say it is a little disappointing as there is little to no documentation to find and the support is very basic … isn’t there some sort of service where someone takes over the computer or do you have a clear document on how to properly setup groups?

To me it seems he is overwriting it and it also resetting the email template en email settings to standard

Like this it will take ages before it is setup properly as I run from on “problem” into another

Hope you can offer some better more extensive support?

I just tested it and it worked correctly for me.

Can you post a screenshot of the template settings for the group?

Not sure what to say, I’m trying to help you…

but its seems not to save this

hi Hilel

Somehow it works now

Dunno why…

Glad to hear it, thanks for the update!