Setting up development environment


I’m trying to setup a development environment, but the documentation on how to do it is basically non-existant. The developer guide only says the following about it:

The zip includes all third party libraries, whereas checking out the code from GitHub requires using Composer.

We use Gulp to concatenate the JavasScript and CSS files. You can download the source files with Bower. After making any changes you need to run gulp to re-generate the built files.

And that’s it. Maybe for an experienced php/laravel developer that explanation is enough, but for someone starting at this is well, is basically useless.

Could someone explain a little further how to setup a local development environment ? I was able to install all the dependencies using composer, but when running bower install I get this error:

$ bower install
bower                       EMALFORMED Failed to read /home/juancho/invoiceninja/bower.json

Additional error details:                                                                                                                                                                    
Unexpected token } in JSON at position 1280

Some more detail on the steps needed to do the dev setup would be great.


The bower issue is an additional , at the end of the file which is the error you are seeing, the correct file looks like this:

hi David,

So you mean to replace the current master version of bower.json with that one ?

Answering my own question, it worked, thanks !!

It depends what branch you are on.

Master branch looks fine, Develop branch has a comma in the wrong spot.

“grapesjs”: “^0.13.8”,

I was on master, I just had done a clean git clone.