Setting Up Automatic Payments for Invoices Using Invoice Ninja

Hello everyone,

I am currently using Invoice Ninja for my billing management. I really appreciate the tool for its simplicity and efficiency, but I have a question for which I have not yet found an answer.

Is it possible to set up automatic payments for invoice settlements from the application? I am looking for a feature that would allow my clients to pay their invoices recurrently without having to worry about missing a deadline.

If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you could guide me on how to do this or point me towards a tutorial or guide that explains how to configure this.

If not, do you consider this feature as a possible future update for the application? I believe this could be an excellent addition to further improve payment management.

Thank you in advance for your help and advice. I look forward to your responses.

Best Regards


It’s supported with some payment gateways, you can see the full list by adding a new gateway in the payment settings and searching for “autobill”.

Once it’s configured you can set auto-bill to always on the recurring invoice to have it automatically charge the card on file.

Thank you. We can you stipe or our bank gateway directly. Is it possible to have an exemple using API our with dashboard configuration ? Thank you.

Stripe supports auto-billing by credit card or bank transfer/ACH.

Sorry, not sure what you mean by an API example. Do you mean to create the recurring invoice?

Exactly. I need a full integration when we can configure recurrent paiement from invoiceninja. This will help us a lot
We can use API call if needed for orchestration between invoiceninja and stripe. The goal is to get the client bill link always updated with recurrent payment.

I suggest using the network tab of the browser console to inspect the request when creating a recurring invoice in the app.

Recurring invoices seem not the solution for us.
We will send to the client one invoice.
We need to program an initial amount for the first payment of this bill.
Then a reccurent direct debiting each month for a fixed duration and a fixed amount.

If you’re using the API you could create a standard invoice each month, that said from your description I think a recurring invoice would make more sense.

Recurring invoice seem create an invoice each month. In our case we need to create an invoice every 6 months with a direct debiting each month for legal reason. How can we do in this case ?

One option may be to create an invoice for the full amount and then set the partial due to the first month’s amount. Note: after each payment you’d need to use the API to reset the partial amount.

Yes, I think this will be the best option. We had tested recurrent paiement with stripe in the past. Maybe, we need to use stripe webhook. How can we test this kind of implementation ? It’s a little bit complex to launch it without test.
Thank you

Webhooks are needed if you’re accepting bank transfers/ACH.