Set up due date trough Zapier. Translation and VAT

I am a newbie in Invoice ninja and programming and I have run in to a few problems.
I am having a woocommerce connected trough Zapier to Invoice ninja.

  1. How do I get a due date through Zapier? I tried to set the “order date +336h” (order date+14 days) but there is never a due date on the invoice. Is the date in wrong format? How do I fix it?
    2.I have problems displaying the VAT correctly on the invoices. Woocommerce is displaying prices incl VAT 24% and I need to get the invoice to show on the line item like this :
    Item, (description), Price excluding VAT, Amount of VAT, Total Inclusive VAT

The subtotal EXCLUSICE VAT

Is this possible? AND how will I accomplice this? IS it just in the settings or do you have to do other things?

  1. I really would like to have the whole front side in Finnish. Back side can be in i Swedish or english. Is there a way to translate it by yourself?

Remember I am a newbie!!!

Is there someone you could pay to fix all of this?

  1. The date should be formatted as YYYY-MM-DD
  2. You can hire help here:
  3. Our app’s translations are managed here: