Set report type for custom report

Hi All,

i created a custom report and i’m tryin for hours now, how to set the report type of my report.

I want the following to display:

						<div id="dateField" style="display:none" data-bind="visible: showInvoiceOrPaymentDate">
                            {!! Former::select('date_field')->label(trans('texts.filter'))
                                    ->addOption(trans('texts.invoice_date'), FILTER_INVOICE_DATE)
                                    ->addOption(trans('texts.payment_date'), FILTER_PAYMENT_DATE) !!}

it gets the information from this function:

		self.showInvoiceOrExpense = ko.computed(function() {
			return self.report_type() == '{{ ENTITY_DOCUMENT }}';

Now how/where can i set the report type to match the condition?

Thanks in advance