Set payment method for an invoice?

Is it possible to set a specific payment method for an invoice / client?

For example, I want Client A to be able and pay with bank transfer / credit card / debit card and client B to pay using only bank transfer?

I am aware of the limits we can set for different methods, but it does not really fulfill my needs.


It’s possible at the client level, here are the steps:

  • Create two payment gateways for the same gateway with different payment methods enabled
  • Edit the client’s settings to remove the gateway containing the payment method they shouldn’t use
  • Edit the company settings to remove the gateway containing the payment method other clients shouldn’t use

Note: since you’ll have the same gateway twice I suggest using the label field on the gateway settings tab to give each record a different name. You may want to consider configuring this at the group level if it will apply to more than one client.

Can you elaborate on this?

Clients have a ‘Settings’ option, once you click it it will enable you edit the company settings for a specific client.

Can it create a conflict within the gateway, being the same gateway?

So, I am able to add a 2nd instance for Stripe Connect, but I am unable to complete the setup for the 2nd instance, when attempting to do it I face the following message:

When I set a client to pay using the new instance, there is an error for gateway not configured. There are red warning triangles next to the new instance as I can not complete the configuration.

@david can you please advise?

You can try manually specifying the Stripe API key for the second Stripe gateway, instead of using the OAuth connect login.
Settings>Payment Settings>Setup Stripe> close / go back and edit it, set your API keys under Credentials. Name this gateway something else (Settings>Label).

This is the only option under credentials, when I click on gateway setup, I face the ‘already configured’ message above.

@david should we consider adding a clone option for payment gateways or is there another solution?

ah you’re right, Stripe gateway in the hosted version requires the Stripe Connect OAuth.


Perhaps we should consider removing the restriction of creating 2 x stripe gateways?

@david sounds good to me.

@hillel @david , will you let me know when there is a resolution?


The work around until we implement this is to archive the first gateway. (create the second) and the restore the first one.

Ok, I would rather not tamper with the working payment gateway.