Set Invoice status as SENT through API


I have an automation scenario in where I create an invoice. After it’s created I can download it and send it as an attachment to the client. I would like to update the invoice status to “Sent” after the automation has run. This should be possible with the API Call module by using PUT to set the “status_id”: “4” if I’m not mistaking.

Here’s what my API Call looks like. Might look silly but there’s a reason I’m using no code tools :wink:

Could you help me set this up?



The status field is read only, try sending an empty object for the body and adding ?mark_sent=true to the end of the API URL.

Hi Hillel. Thanks for your help. I’m Getting a 404 error when appending ?mark_sent=true to the API URL I had set up. Any Idea what I’m doing wrong?

Can you share the link being used?

Another option is to use the /bulk route:

The link is in the screenshot in my previous reply.

Also tried the bulk route without succes unfortunately (screenshot below). Also geting a 404 not found error.

Can you check for the actual URL being accessed in the Make logs?

In the second screenshot I believe you need to remove /api

removing /api helped a bit. now I’m getting a 422 error

This is the link I get when I run the automation
Screenshot 2024-03-24 at 20.50.39

I’m not sure, from the error it looks like the body data isn’t being recognized by the server.