Sending invoices emails all users?

Started adding my techs to the system so they can create and work tasks.

When we send invoices, every employee with an account gets a copy sent to them. Why would I ever want that? They sure don’t want it. Is there a setting where I can disable it completely?

Each user can configure it on Settings > Notifications.

Right, as a business owner, I don’t want to leave that up to them. If they’re just a tech or programmer they don’t want to see it and shouldn’t see it.

I know my team very well, however, I’m looking to hire more techs that I don’t know. They shouldn’t be able to see everything about the finances of the company or what we’re billing. I figured out how to hide the company’s financial info displayed on the dashboard but they shouldn’t get a copy of every email by default.

Ok… update… Don’t rely on others to relay information.

They are NOT receiving emails. Never were. This is me eye rolling myself. I should have checked.

I would like to see the tasks built out a little more… OR a light ticketing system (based off tasks).