Send time for recurring invoices

I set up my first recurring invoice and the emails are being sent at 0:00 UTC, though I’m in US Central. That means they go out at 7pm the day before with the next day’s date.

I have set the Localization->Timezone and can set the Email Settings->Send Time, but I’m not sure if I should set it to send at 8am or 1pm to have them go out at 8am Central Time.

Also, how is daylight savings handled?



@david can please advise?

It probably isn’t handled as we use Static offsets

Yesterday I updated the send time in Email Settings to 9:00, but it still sent out at 7pm CT.


Ok. Today the invoice was generated at 10am CT (set to 9:00 in config). Not a showstopper, clearly, but I would be interested to know if this is a defect or what the behavior is.

Also, I gather that when one invoice is generated the next generation job is scheduled, which would explain the one-day lag in picking up the change in time.


One thing I may not have explained. The send time is only for future invoices. Existing ones still send at the regular schedule.

The system doesn’t take into account any day light savings as we use a static time offset per region.