SelfHosted - Update recurring invoices footnotes

Hi all.

I recently made a change to the footnotes for my invoices but recurring invoices are still using the old ones. How can I bulk update the footnotes for all recurring invoices so they are sent with the new ones?

Thanks for such a great product.

You would need to update each of the recurring invoices, I think you’d need to use the API to bulk update the data.

If the value will change in the future it should be possible to use a custom field or a custom design which could be updated once to affect them all.

Hi Hillel, sorry for reopening this old thread, but can you hint me into what using the API for this would look like?

I am still at version 4.5.32. Maybe this was fixed on a later version?

My last attempt to update resulted in a disaster and I have not tried to do it ever since :smiley:


Sorry, I don’t have a sample to share.

If you upgrade to v5 you can use the app to debug API requests using the browser console.