Selfhosted InvoiceNinja on QnapNAS does not start setup

Hi everyone,
I have been working for days to get InvoiceNinja to be hosted on my QNap NAS, using Docker compose and the official docker-compose.yml file. I made the necessary changes (app key) and setup the volumes to point to the right place on the Host.

I believe it finally worked today and I see no errors and restarts any more. But on entering the setup page all I get is the login page with no way to setup the software for the first time use (please check the attachment). So im kind of stuck here not knowing what to do. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you so much for your help.


Are you able to access the /setup page directly?

@david do you have any suggestions?

Prior to starting the container for the first time you needed to set your username/password in the env file

You’ll be able to log into your installation now with these defaults… once you have logged in navigate to Settings > User Details and update your email address.

Thank you @david and @hillel for your quick response. It works with the default settings. It was embarassing that I overlooked this. I think I was just misled with multiple youtube videos which start with a setup page after the installation, which I would also expect to be logical rather than being presented with a login screen.

Anyway, thanks again.