[SelfHosted] Help with changing variables in an invoice template


i just started using Invoice Ninja - so far it’s great. I’ve already migrated all customers and products from another software and also bought a white label license.

However i struggled all day for a (hopefully) simple change:

I want to modify the floating right items at the bottom as follows. Click me: Screenshot (German localisation)

  1. “Zwischensumme” (Subtotal) should be just the Netto (without tax), in this case 100-15,97 = 84,03€. I also want to change the displayed text to something like “Netto”.
  2. MwSt. is fine as it is
  3. “Offener Betrag” (Outstanding balance) is supposed to be non updating, so no change when a payment occurs. (It’s actually illegal for me). I just need the fix total amount and change the text so something like “Total”.

I need the variables for that specific case and also where to place them. I tried playing with settings/customize_design but no success so far.

Thank you so much in advance for any help.

Best wishes,

The text itself can be changed by editing /ninja/resources/lang/de/texts.php (just be aware they will revert after an update).

For #3, I’m not well versed in the invoice designer, but if you go to Invoice Design (Rechnungsdesign) and look in the Invoice Fields (Rechnungsfelder) tab, there will be an option in the dropdown to add a field for Invoice Total (Rechnungsbetrag). When I do that, it shows up in the header along with the date, invoice number, etc. That keeps Offener Betrag doing exactly what it’s supposed to (keeping track of how much has yet to be paid), while still giving you a field to mark the total amount of the invoices (which doesn’t change).

As to how to use that variable down at the bottom, I honestly have no idea, as I’m terrible at using the built-in designer.

Hello Titanfail,

thanks for your input.

Using your info and invoiceninja.com/forums/topic/number-formatting-invoice/, i nearly got everything to work. I am able to change the texts without altering the localisation.

However i still didn’t get the netto value to work. I found this Thread which is exactly what i need, but so far it’s not working as intended. I will ask the author in the respectively thread for more information.

I guess i’ll come back to this when i put everything sucessfully together and make some sort of How-To for our fellow EU users.