Selfhosted Activity is logging all payments as USD no matter what currency

So I noticed that in the 4.5.18 self-hosted version if I send an invoice in EUR and I enter in the payment info, activity on the Dashboard then shows the payment being entered but it shows the EUR amount as USD (i.e. Me entered payment for 811.25 USD on invoice XXX for YYYY.)

On the invoice and payments list does the amount show as USD or EUR?

Do you know if the problem introduced in v4.5.18?

Hi Hillel,
Dont recall seeing it in previous versions.

The invoice and payments list show EUR correctly. It seems as if only the activity list just puts in USD instead of whatever currency the invoice was issued in for the payments.

Recent payments window does show correct currency.

Thanks for the info! That’s good, it means it’s most likely a display issue on the dashboard page.

We’re currently reworking all of this for v5, I’m sorry it’s unlikely this will be fixed for v4 (unless we get a PR).

No worries. Was more a heads up in case of code reuse in V5.