Selfhost V5.0.35 and IOS Mobile APP


Hope you all having Ninja level fun with invoices ;). I have been exploring invoice Ninja for about a month or so. Its awesome app and lots of contribution and development.

I have a self host application running on the cloud, I’m trying to use the mobile app, but getting the below error.

Sure, My self host and mobile app are not compatible. Where do we have the info on compatibility chart or something outlining the mobile app vs self host app?

I searched google many times and this forum as well with SQL error but no help.

500: SQLSTATE[42S22]:****

Web login works without any issue, and I don’t see any 500 error in the log as well


For v5 you need to use this version of the iOS app, however that error looks like a different issue. Are you using the same URL as the web app?

Yes… I’m using same URL as the webapp. should I use something different?

App is behind Caddy.

I’m trying the beta version as we speak…

Just a quick update, I could login using the beta version!

Thanks a lot for the quick reply!

I’ll try other features and post here… Happy to be part of this community :slight_smile:

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Is the beta version of the app currently usable with self host? I see no way of entering domains in order to log in. Am I missing something?

Yes, can you post a screenshot of what you see?

Beta app grey screened on me. Reinstalled version from Testflight. Also can not log into to my branded selfhosted server. No option that I can see to add URL. v.5.0.48 ios

See i am trying to login to my new version via old app not beta on Testflight.

Does this mean my self host v5 only work on new app?

The v5 webapp requires the v5 mobile app.

All links can be found here:

Sorry it looks like there are multiple issues reported on this thread, in the future please create separate posts.

There is a problem with release 5.0.48 of the mobile app, the selfhost URL is not shown. We’re working on a new version to correct this.

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::update:: 5.0.49 is already out. working great.

My mistake on the multiple issues. I wrongly assumed the OP was having the same issue as me based on the post date and the group posted in. But thanks for the update. I’m in no rush, the normal web gui works just fine on mobile for the most part. No big loss.

No worries… thanks for the update, glad to hear the problem is resolved!