Self-Hosting v5 Error 500 / Import Failure / Mobile App


I have just installed as follows

  • InvoiceNinja v5.0.43-C37
  • Self-hosted Linux
  • Apache Version 2.4.46
  • PHP Version 7.4.13
  • MariaDB

I’m having a few issues

  1. It indicates there is an update available from v5.0.43 to v5.0.44 but when I try it shows update successful but password error. The password I use is my user login - should it be something else?
  2. I get an Error 500 when I try to CUSTOMISE & PREVIEW my invoice design
  3. When I try to import clients, it indicates import started but nothing imported and no error messages
  4. I have tried to connect via the mobile Android app but again I get “500 Server Error” - I have tried using with nothing, with /public, with /api/v1 but all result in the same 500 error

Thanks in anticipation

I saw a post about iOS Early Access so I have changed the Android app to Invoice Ninja v5 (Early Access) and have successfully logged in - so my point #4 is resolved


Is the cron running? It may explain #1 and #3

For #2 please check for details about the error in storage/logs

Thanks - I’ll look into those suggestions ASAP