Self-hosting : Error 404 trying to setup

Hi all!

I installed InvoiceNinja on a subdomain, without setting SSL.

So, my root is /var/www/ and can be accessed by

The root is set as such in the file located at /etc/NGINX/sites-available/

I’m using Debian, NGINX, PHP7.0-FPM and MariaDB.

My problem is that everytime I want to reach (or if I browse, it rewrite the adress bar to show (or which result in an error 404 page not found.

Is there any guru here that could help me or point what I should look into? I think I’m close to make it work but needs to get over that issue.


If you’re seeing index.php in the URL it usually means mod rewrite needs to be enabled.

I’m not seeing it unless I specifically put it in the address bar.

If i browse the address bar get changed to and it returns error 404.

Thanks for helping me!

Is mod rewrite enabled?

Thanks Hillel,

by insisting on mod_rewrite, you had me understand that NGINX doesn’t follow .htaccess. I had to add

" try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args; "

in the config file under server location.

Guys, your posts made my monday, finally got to get to the invoice ninja install screen… pfew ! and thanks to that last comment of kebel87 where he mentions Hillel insistence…

Well Hillel, you’ve just shot two birds with one stone… (solved at 6am), but still :slight_smile:

Much appreciated guys