[Self Hosted] Was working great, then *poof* gone?

I’ve been using Invoice Ninja now for a while (self hosted), and absolutely loving it. My issue is a while back I suddenly couldn’t access Invoice Ninja at all, every link or page just leads to a 404 error. As far as I know nothing changed, so I backed up the database and installed a fresh copy and still nothing. I’ve been beating my head against the wall trying to get this to work (ideally before my white label was up, which has long passed).

Sorry, hard to say. Was anything changed?

This seem more likely to be an issue with the server than the app.

Yeah just before I lost the ability to see anything on that sub-domain I was going back and forth with my hosting provider’s support team. Looks like I get to have some phone calls with them again.

I was kind of afraid this was the case, as I have no clue what they messed with.

Yep, poof is the correct technical term. I’m testing self hosting on windows localhost and my poof left me with a sad hollow feeling. It important to note that the subsequent error messages indicated the poof included some files from the XAMPP php folder. This only happened once and while I could not pinpoint the exact cause i do have a short list for my guesses:

1.Abrupt termination of the Apache processes. (eg. killing the task manually; going nuts with Apache restarts or similar)
2.A trigger happy anti-virus program

If i had to choose I’ll go with #1.

So, you might try reinstalling your php and/or related hosting packages. Hope this helps in some way.