Self hosted V5 client portal

Hi, I just start to use Ninja Invoice v5 as self host. All the features are working great. But I cannot access to Client Portal. When I go to domain/client/login I will go to dashboard of my account instead. What am I missing in the config?


You can check that the client portal is enabled on Settings > Client Portal.

Is it possible you’re confusing the two dashboards?

Hi Hillel,
Thank you very much for your answer.
I’m sure that I enable Settings > Client Portal.

I’m sure that this is the dashboard of account because I can see the Dashboard, Clients and Setting sections. I check the document and Client Portal doesn’t have these sections.

More info for my case: when I use api url to access the client portal, it will have error of 404

If you set a custom domain value on Settings > Client Portal it may help to clear it.

What domain should I input in the Settings > Client Portal > Domain URL?
Is it the domain of my webapp?

I suggest leaving it blank

I leave it blank and cannot go to the generated URL. If I add my web app domain the same error happen again.

Oh, it is my mistake. Thank you very much for your support.
It is working now.

For the UI (react typescript), do we support client portal? Or we need to access through API URL?

Sorry, I don’t understand your question

According to me you can try with double-check your configuration settings, specifically the URL paths and permissions related to the client portal. Ensuring they are correctly configured should resolve the issue.
I hope this will help you,

Hi Hillel,
I mean the web admin portal UI repository (react typescript) does not include client portal.
Only the invoiceninja repository (php) has the client portal part.
Link Invoice Ninja · GitHub
Am I correct?

Hi Delilahfoster,
I can access client portal with the API domain.
But cannot access client portal with the admin portal domain.

You should only need the to install the main repo, it includes the backend, client portal and React interface.

Thank you for your advice. It work great with main repo now.