Self hosted V5 Advanced setup and testing

I’m trying to make a proof of concept of invoice ninja with 1 VM with 2 tenants and having issues.

I have the docker-compose installation and can’t properly test things.

¿It’s possible to have two separate smtp servers? 1 for each company.

I want to test with google apps smtp but can’t properly test any.

About user:
If I create two companies, the second one on “user details” has the new name but with my email address and if I change that, changes my main account (set by env file)

SMTP server:

¿Where I can check the logs?

app_1     | [2021-07-17 19:38:18][4] Processing: App\Jobs\Mail\NinjaMailerJob
app_1     | [2021-07-17 19:38:19][4] Processed:  App\Jobs\Mail\NinjaMailerJob

Nothing there and app/storage/logs/laravel.log

I think for now you would need to have two separate app installs to use different SMTP settings.

We plan to work improve this in the future.

It’s possible to acces the SETUP menu like the first time. To check things or some admin panel, or any logs.

The mail log server didn’t gent any info.

I can have the same smtp server a common inbox to send, and then modify the reply but. The biggest issue is ai posted before:

I laid the plan like this:

Company 1:
company 2:

So I have the main user for the company 1, and create company 2 and the new user. Then on user details appears the mail from the user 1. A mix up of things.

After that create another user with permissions on company 2.

Once the app is setup you can make changes by manually editing the .env file and then running php artisan optimize