Self-Hosted show revenue dashboard to all internal users

I’m the admin on my invoice ninja, and I love the revenue / expense details, including the graph that appear on my dashboard. I noticed that this graph does not appear on my partner’s screen. Is there a way for her to see this graph as well?

Thank you

I believe they need to be set as an admin

That did it. Thank you for the super fast reply

Glad to hear it, thanks for letting us know it worked!

@hillel sorry for digging up such an old thread but I find this an interesting thing for everybody to know.

Apart of showing the revenue graph, what else does that magic checkbox do?

I only found out today that one of my employees didn’t have the same dashboard like me.

Does using the admin checkbox grant them more power than a revenue graph or not?

Yes, an admin has full privileges in the app. ie, can add more users, purge a client, etc

Can’t he have access to the graphs without having all that extra access?

Sorry, it isn’t supported