Self-hosted Shared Hosting gives white screen after setup

Hi fellows!

I installed invoice ninja using the zip method in a shared hosting. (Latest version stable 5.10)

No probs with the installation and setup, but after setup, test the connection and finish the wizard, I just can see a white screen.

No console errors. When I apply APP DEBUG mode, debug toolbar appears telling react. Index and react.Head are being rendered, but #root element is void.

You can see it here:

Database structure and data looks good.

I already run: npm run production

Unique remarkable thing:

I change the project structure to:

– /erp (here the project)
– /www
--------- /erp (here the public content)

The server is apache with all requirements, and I update the index.php to adapt it to this structure.

Running out of ideas. ^_^|||


If you used the .zip file you’ll need to use the .tar file instead.

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Okay! I’m trying with using .tar file and I come back with the results asap.

Thanks for reply!

@hillel and @david The self-hosting information still links to a zip file, which I think continues to confuse people, as demonstrated above and in other recent topics over the past two weeks or so. Please make sure all self hosting references to the zip file have been updated.

On the above referenced page, it directs to a zip file on 2 different locations of the page (you need to hover over the top one to see the link to the zip file):

Additionally, the self hosting instructions are very confusing because of the numerous references to the zip file, but also telling admins to install the zip file in one case and the tarball in another case. Not to mention the link to a private video is also confusing.

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I’d love to see that sorted!
…here’s hoping

Sorry for the delay on this!

The .org site has been updated, the docs will be updated soon.