Self hosted- Proxmox - Turnkey

Hello and a great evening.
I’m new in the world of invoiceninja but i noticed an error on my system.

I’m hosting my Ninja on a IntelNuc - running Proxmox (latest version). Then I installed via turnkey invoice ninja. Everything works fine but there is one noticeable error.

When I’m uploading my image (company image) - I get the message - upload completed. But on any invoice or calculation or in the UI I don’t see my logo.

Can someone tell me where do I find the uploaded image and what’s the error or how can k fix it?

Thx :pray:t2:


Are there any errors in the browser console?

I just get this message from safari!

I don’t think it’s related to the logo, are there any errors in the network tab?

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Oh - and I found a other error.
This could be it - it is saying: Failed to load resource: Verbindung zum Server konnte nicht hergestellt werden. but there should be my internal IP. How can I change it?

It may help to change the APP_URL value in the .env file and then reupload the logo.

Thx !

You tell me where in the Linux directory I find the file? In /etc/ or /var/?

It will be in the Invoice Ninja project folder.

So I tried - Sorry for the late Reply.

That’s the new Error_Message:

I suggest checking the file permissions are correct.