Self Hosted - PayFast Integration

Hi, I’ve installed a self hosted copy of Invoice ninja using the and MySQL db, so far so good.

I’m wanting to use the PayFast payment gateway, I see it’s available on your cloud hosted offering, But I only have a short list of payment gateways available to me on my self hosted version including: Stripe, PayPal Express, Authorize.Net, Custom and

Please can you advise what needs to be done to load the PayFast payment gateway?

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Gareth MIles

Hi Gareth,

We are still rolling out new gateways for V5 as we are performing a deep custom integration with each gateway.

Hello David,

Is there any news on the PayFast integration for V5?


any news on the PayFast integration for V5??

Just following up again…any date been set for the Payfast integration?

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Hi, I’m interested in a date too if you have one yet.

Sorry, we aren’t able to provide dates for future features.

We’re working through the gateway list in order of usage in v4, Payfast are up soon.

This rating and review by users on TrustPilot is complete :poop:
Maybe you should consider and alternative?

Of the ones available in Invoice Ninja by the way only has a somewhat positive review by the way… The rest of the gateway providers is also pure :poop:
PayPal is by far the worst one.

Kind regards

@AngryWarrior I’ve been using the online version of Invoice Ninja with a paid subscription.

They offer a discount for 1 year when signing up via Payfast.

I’m loving it. The Payfast integration in Online app is perfect. The functionality is rich.

I was using Waves App, but they will be stopping support for non US clients.

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On, nice. I guess its all good and well then. :+1:
I usually use TrustPilot these days because they give you a good, fast and easy way to do due diligence of the companies to indicate how they operate.

Thanks for sharing your experience.
Kind regards

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