Self hosted: Invoice does not save, no emails go out

Tried most options which I found online and in this forum but did not find a resolution. I installed vanilla on my updated all the settings and when I create and invoice and save I get :
500: Server Error

Today I even updated to the latest version using forced update to “Updated to v5.3.59-C76” hoping the issue would be resolved but nothing changed. I did not change any .env variables what ever was defaulted I used the same including the pdf option too.

Issue 1 : Invoice does not save.
Issue 2: cannot send Invoices to vendor via email. Verified the SMTP settings all checks passed.

Are you trying to install it on the shared web host?

Yes on shared hostinger server.

I’ve had similar issues, your error log should be useful as to what is going wrong, mine was full of errors like “PCRE limits exceeded” and “Inbound Anomaly Score Exceeded (Total Score: 40)”.

Spent an hour with support trying to whitelist the domain and processes, but erros returned soon after they were fixed.

At the end I’ve ended up installing it on a cheap VM without lots of “security” found on the shared host, but perhaps your experience with support ends up being different.


PS I’ve tried on dreamhost, at the end couldn’t get it to work reliably.

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