Self-Hosted - File not found in virtual file system

Followed instructions here to install a new font. I’ve successfully created the NotoSansTC.js

root@invoice-ninja-ubuntu-s-1vcpu-2gb-sgp1-01:/var/www/html/ninja/public/fonts/invoice-fonts# grunt dump_dir
Running "dump_dir:NotoSansTC" (dump_dir) task
File "public/js/vfs_fonts/NotoSansTC.js" created.

Done, without errors.

In my browser, this font is available but the invoice preview is blank with a browser warning:
File ‘fonts/NotoSansTC/NotoSansTC-Black.otf’ not found in virtual file system
Failed to generate PDF: undefined
refreshPDF @ invoice_design:2334

The Ukai font causes a number of spacing issues, so replacing that font with google’s notosanscjk would be a much better choice and solve this support ticket. Otherwise, I’d really appreciate some help getting this font to work in my whitelabel IV instance. Thank you!

Try viewing the page source and checking for /vfs_fonts/ to see if your new font is being loaded.

Yes, the font is being loaded.

Hmm… it may be an otf vs ttf issue.

Turns out the database had the wrong value for normal font. After updating the table values with the correct font name, the font now shows in the preview. But there is still a major problem. Chinese appears great, much better than the default Ukai font, but the English letters are spaced one per line vertically, making the document dozen of pages long. I’m thinking this is either a NotoSansTC.js problem or a font issue.Any suggestions?