Self Hosted - Add Account

Under my name in the drop down menu, there’s an option for Add Account - I assume this allows me to add an employee account in the system to manage customers and invoicing. However, when I click on this link, it just takes me back to the login screen. I also assume this is not an expected result. Any assistance would be appreciated as I have sales employees that need access as well.

The option to ‘add an account’ enables you to use the system with multiple separate accounts.

You need to add ALLOW_NEW_ACCOUNTS=true to the .env to enable adding additional accounts on a self host install.

Hi Hillel, so that option allows someone to register and create kind-of a multi-tenant setup in Invoice Ninja where they then manage their own Customers and Invoices. But how can I add another user to my instance so they can manage my clients and invoices? Or is that not possible?


To add a user under your account click “Add user” on the following page:


Excellent - that worked. Thank you!

So is this still possible?
I tried setting ALLOW_NEW_ACCOUNTS=true in the .env on my self host, but I am not sure how I can add a new account?

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You can add new users via /settings/user_management for your current business

Regards, Sints

Hi, thank you for the reply.
I was wondeirng if it is possible on my self host to add different accounts though, which would be completely separate from each other?

I do not mean multiple users under the same account, but completely different accounts.
(so one ccount wont be able to see information about the other account)


I do not think this is possible (haven’t been using IN for that long) but I think that would be a different business on the same installation?
That is done via: /dashboard?sign_up=true

Sorry, it’s no longer supported. You’d need to setup a separate installation of the app.