self hosted, 1 install, 3 departments


Been trying to accomplish the following setup with a self-hosted InvoiceNinja installation: basically 1 installation that would serve 3 departments (equal to “companies” I assume), where each department has its own settings for taxes, currencies, customers etc and each department handled by its own “admin” user.

What we’ve tried is creating a company first using some sort of “master” account, unlinking the company and then trying to add an admin user to the freshly unlinked company, which fails for some reason (error message reads "oops something went wrong)

So could somebody point us to a how-to/short manual/code block comment on how we could accomplish this kind of setup?


There should be more details about the error in storage/logs/

The ‘multi-company’ feature is designed to create accounts which are linked together.

You may be able to use the /invoice_now link in a different browser to create a new account.