Self Host v5.9.6 download Not Found

Trying to get the latest version of 5.9.6 from and I get a Not Found Notice?

Both of FF and Chrome browsers.
Does that link need updating or have I missed something?

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The latest release can be found here:

@david should we update the link on the .org site?

@hillel that makes sense, thanks!

Is that the reason why updating does not work anymore?
Im stuck on 5.9.4.

I suggest checking for any errors in storage/logs.

Another option is to manually copy over the latest zip/tar file.

no errors:

[2024-06-17 10:36:57] production.INFO: Test filesystem is writable
[2024-06-17 10:37:11] production.INFO: Clear cache directory
[2024-06-17 10:37:11] production.INFO: copying release file
[2024-06-17 10:37:14] production.INFO: Copied file from URL
[2024-06-17 10:37:14] production.INFO: Finished copying
[2024-06-17 10:37:14] production.INFO: Extracting tar
[2024-06-17 10:37:38] production.INFO: Finished extracting files
[2024-06-17 10:37:38] production.INFO: Deleted release zip file
[2024-06-17 10:37:38] production.INFO: Removing cache files
[2024-06-17 10:37:38] production.INFO: Called Artisan commands

just shredded my installation :see_no_evil:

Are there any errors in storage/logs?

only in the laravel.log

production.ERROR: Target class [cache] does not exist. {"exception":"[object] (Illuminate\\Contracts\\Container\\BindingResolutionException(code: 0): Target class [cache] does not exist. at /var/www****/invoiceninja/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Container/Container.php:914)

artisan did not work either.
I already restored my backup - will give it another shot later this week.

How Funny!
Invoice Ninja is now at version 5.9.7 only a day after and still the link on .org points to a Not Found error.
Not given me much confidence to pursue any further with this… already had a number of hilarious issues which I’ll have to post on their own thread.


Edit - OMG… now version 5.9.8 only minutes after I posted this!!! what’s going on? :rofl:


v5.10.4 has been out now for almost a week and Still the Big Blue Link from the Home Page is a Not Found error on Git.

Sorry Not Sorry Guys. If a major link can’t keep updated on a Home Page and the issues I’ve had with installing, configuring and hours if not days trying to nut out issues… it certinally tells me the path forward isn’t SH Ninja Tatics.

Had so much potential.
Good Luck and hope to see what this is like in a couple of years time.

Thanks for pointing it out, we’ll make sure it’s corrected. The marketing and development teams are separate, it can sometimes take a little while for devs to get marketing content updated.

The release can be found here: Releases · invoiceninja/invoiceninja · GitHub

Strange reason not to use our app but the choice is yours…

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