Self Host questions - code/templates and more

Hello. Firstly thank you for the software - and the forums. I’ve been pouring over everything and thanks to here and the docs I’m now pretty comfortable with IN.

I have a few question however that I’m hoping to have some help with.

  1. When creating a custom payment method I have a bank account that provides an API to create a QR code for payment. Unfortunately the URI must be created in a particular way and I have no control over it. The variables $amount and $amount_raw are close - but is there any way to have just the numbers exposed as a variable? I.e £3.99 (3GBP) would simply be exposed as 399 - likewise $500 would be exposed as 50000? I tried to write some PHP code directly into the template but it gets commented out by the editor (which is a very logical thing to do). Can that be overridden?

  2. I wouldn’t mind slightly abusing IN to also produce A6 labels based on an invoice. The labels would include the client name, invoice number and one or two other bits of info that I can get from the templates themselves - however - this would be in addition to the general invoice that was created I can’t see a way to change the delivery note template which I could abuse for this one and can only change a PO/Quote invoice. I know a second invoice generation using a different template would be a large amount of work hence the abusing the other templates. Cloning an invoice would then generate a different invoice/reference number etc but I would need that the same. These labels get stuck to the boxes I fill with the orders in the invoice.

  3. There is no option for an A6 paper size in the custom templates folder - is this a setting somewhere that I can change or are they hard coded?

  4. Is there any way to customise the client portal? All I want to do is show them the invoice and previous invoices. I know I could customise the CSS and add a bunch of .hidden declarations to the menu but wondering if I have completely missed a section to customise the portal.

  5. I take it there’s no way to change the payment menu in the client portal so that if there’s < 2 and >0 payment methods, it only shows that payment method instead of a menu to select that one option?

sorry for the garage of questions - but thank you again!


Self Hosted, Docker, V5


  1. I don’t believe this is currently supported but we plan to support TWIG templates which may enable this.

  2. Related to the TWIG work this may be supported in the future.

  3. Feel free to create an issue on GitHub to request it: Issues · invoiceninja/invoiceninja · GitHub

  4. The only option in the app is to add custom CSS.

  5. Not currently but feel free to create an issue to request it.