Self host licence query


If I purchase the self host yearly licence for $20 will branding get removed from client portal, my dashboard and invoices and can I change the colors of those areas.

The application itself requires no license to use if you’re self-hosting. The $20/year is simply to remove the Invoice Ninja branding from the client-facing areas of the application (client portal, invoices, etc). To remove all branding, you would need to join their reseller program.

Straight from the man himself -

"The white label license is intended for personal use. It only removes our branding from client facing parts of the app, joining our reseller program enables you to remove all of our branding."

OK thank you.

That’s really helpful as I understand now.

A bit of background.

Someone referred me to invoice ninja about a year ago. I actually have found it to be great and the service too.
I feel that I am going to be using it for a very long time so I don’t mind paying $20 for the branding removal on the clients side.

I would like to try reselling. But I haven’t recieved a reply to the email I sent through.