Self-Host, ACH not available but enabled in Settings and Stripe


It seems that the ACH/Bank Transfer button on the client portal isn’t there.

Add Credit Card is, but not anything related to ACH, however, existing ACH auto-bills still work.

I’m updated to 4.5.18.


I’m not sure…

  • Which payment gateway are you using?
  • Is ACH enabled in the payment gateway settings?
  • Do you have any limits set?

No Limits.

Sorry, not sure. When did the problem start?

I’m also having this issue as ACH is enable on both Stripe and Invoice Ninja but the option to add an ACH in the client portal is not there.

just updated to v5, no ach option for clients anymore. (migrated accounts from v4)
i checked the bank transfer option is checked. but they dont have the option. any fix for this? (stripe)