Security concerns

More and more users are paying attention to being independent from other providers. Therefore, there are also more and more smartphone manufacturers that deliberately do without a connection to Google (e.g. Vollaphone, Infinity Phone, …).

With version 5, however, services from Chrom(ium) are used.
Chrome was developed and maintained by Google.
And there is a lot of customer data in Invoice Ninja.

Hence the important question:
Is it ensured that no data is transferred to third-party providers (e.g. Google)?

We detail our data policy here:

We have no interest in collecting/sharing your data, we try to limit it as much as possible.

Does “Account Sub-Users Names & Emails” mean the customer accounts?
With WHOM is the data shared?

Hi There! “Sub-Users” refers to additional account users, i.e. as the account admin you are able to create additional users and set access permissions per user (in our hosted platform this is an Enterprise feature, when self-hosting it’s available to all). Your actual account data is never shared with any 3rd party except your payment gateway integration via their API which you initiate.

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