Searching for Invoices/Quotes - Title in grids?

Partly a question, but also a suggestion. I’m not sure about anyone else, I spend a lot of time trying to find an old invoice/quote because the invoice number “ABC-001” is not as memorable as a title such as “Quote for ABC”.

So, firstly, is there a way of searching for items based on their title?

And secondly, is there any chance of a feature where you can display, even a truncated version, of the title in the grids? This would be really helpful.

I’m thinking that another column could be added, and either hidden by default and manually altered in the settings (if the user judges that their displays are wide enough), or only appears when you collapse the grid side panels?

Can you clarify “searching for items”? You can search by client name or invoice number in the search in the top right or you can search the invoice item details using the products report.

You could also add a ‘Title’ custom invoice field, it would be included in the search in the top right.

I mean a global way of searching for an item (primarily an invoice, but also a quote) by other than client name or invoice number. Human readable text that is relevant to an invoice (in my case ‘Title’ but could equally be an item description). If you don’t know the invoice number, and the client has hundreds of invoices, how can you easily find it…

I’ve just realised that ‘Title’ is a custom field I must have added, and therefore my post should read be talking about a Custom Field in the grid. However, perhaps I should also be asking why ‘Title’ isn’t a standard field - am I using it wrongly perhaps, but I need a human readable title to my invoices so I know what its regarding.

Could you tell me how I search in the top right using the Title custom field? Tried typing part of an invoice title and it doesn’t work.

Support for searching by custom fields may have been added in the upcoming v4.5 release.

Ah ok, that will be why then. There’s no mention of it on Trello that I can see. Not sure if you know this yet: Will it be as simple as typing part of the title (any text within the field), or will it need to be the start of the text, and will the search field need a prefix?

Wonder how others get around this. How on earth does anyone find an old invoice to check what you’ve previously quoted, without knowing the invoice number, or even sometimes the client!?

It will be included in the release notes on GitHub which are more detailed than what’s shown on Trello.

It should just match the field like any other. I agree searching could be improved, right now the search is client side in the browser (it’s fast but narrow) it’d be good to also add server side search (slower but wider). Only so many hours in a day… Feel free to add an issue to the GitHub repo.

Thanks Hillel. Appreciate your efforts, I was more frustrated at my own stupidity as I assumed I was going about it wrongly.

Perhaps there should be a search form, as you may be suggesting - just a form for all fields, with user entered wildcards, connecting to a stored procedure or creating a search query from the input. i.e. a simple one to start with without any auto-suggestion. Just thinking aloud in case it helps, which it probably doesn’t.

Added the following to github:
Search feature:
Custom field column in grid:

It’s good feedback, these are definitely changes worth making in the future.

hi! has this become a feature?
desperately trying to find an invoice by trying to search by txt thats in the invoice or by the title custom field text we have created!
also, seeing the name of the invoice in the grid/list of invoices would be massively helpful as well.


Custom fields should be searchable using the search in the top-right corner.