Search invoices of archived clients

When it comes to finding an old invoice, I struggle a bit. Example. I’m looking for invoice 0005. The search doesn’t yield any results, but i remember which client it belongs to so I can go into archived clients> invoices and find it manually.

This isn’t the first time i’ve had a hard time looking up old invoices when clients are archived. I also cannot get archived clients invoices to show up in the invoices pane. (This I kind of understand, but I would also expect all invoices to be in the invoices tab even if the client is archived… maybe not so much if they are deleted).

The part that bugs me a little is how I can’t search for archived clients invoices, I can’t see them on the invoices pane, but it still calculates those invoices on the dashboard? I would think it would be more “all or nothing” but it seems divided.

And maybe I’m using it differently than others. I archive a client when they are no longer a client. Maybe I’m not supposed to? What is the standard method you guys use to find an archived clients invoice?

Thanks for your feedback! we’ll look into improving it.

I guess that means it’s not me using it weird then? lol.