Search/find products by custom fields

Hello all,

well, I must say, that I found some threads with similar topics. And it was answered that searching custom fields should be realised, but was it?

I already switched on flexible search. But when I try to search a product in/by it’s custom field, there’s no match.

Am I doing something wrong?



Which app are you using?

Hi, Hillel!

I use the Flutter-app. I hat a problem with date-format with the React-app.

I believe custom fields should be included, where in the app are you searching?

actually I tried to find products while creating a quote.

Are you typing into the autocomplete or clicking the plus icon in the lower right corner?

Also, do you see a difference between the two?

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I just type in the Line for Products into the Column of the value I wanna search for. Didn’t recognize the plus, yet, because it’s great just to type right in the line… There the Filter works fine.

Maybe the Filter could be implemented into the (edited) article-box (/edited), so no need to klick plus first.

Thanks for your reply!

Thanks, that’s helpful to know. I’ll look into it.