Search does return results but pagination is wrong

This happened to me several times.
I searched an invoice , client etc. The search finds the contacr or the invoice which belongs to the contact but the section which shows the result starts from a wrong pagination number (please see the attachment) and as a result the user thinks nothing has been found.


Which version of the app are you using? You can check by clicking the about icon in the lower left corner.

I’m using v5.3.32-M60

Thanks! The macOS app is now available in the App Store, please let us know if you still see the problem with this version of the app.

Do I have to use the App store version?

It’s needed in order to get app updates for new features and bug fixes

Thank you. I will download it.

Downloaded the app store version. The same issue happened again.

In addition to this search sometimes does not find clients.

Are you able to send a screen recording of the problem?

Also, can you reproduce the problem here:

No I won’t since I have actual customers’ name and details.

I shared a screenshot and description. The rest is on your testers.
And it will be unrealistic to expect to experience the issues on a demo account which has 25 clients only.

Can you share the exact steps to reproduce the issue, I’m not sure I follow the description above.

I open the app, click the “clients” menu bar on the left. I then search for someone using the search bar.
The search brings the sometimes result as shown in the screenshoot in the previous post. The client is found but the pagination of the results page starts from a random page number so you do not see the “found person”. I then need to click the little arrow to reach the page number 1 so I can see the contact.

The same issue happened with other type of searches . (invoice for instance)

We recently made changes to this part of the app, please try again in the web app with the next selfhost release.

I’m a paying customer for the hosted version. Will I be able to test it?

The next web app release should be live on Sunday, I’ll also try to reproduce this.

FYI . I’m not using the web app.

I understand but you can still use it to test, the web app is usually ahead of the desktop builds.