Search by invoices private_notes doesnt seem to work through REST API


I’m trying to search by invoices with certain private_notes, and that works well when using the app or the website search box. The problem is that through the REST API I’m not able to do it, as private_notes doesn’t seem to be used in GET /api/v1/invoices.

Any ideas?


@david is this supported/can it be added?

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Hello again! Any news regarding this feature?


Just to confirm, you want to be able to search like this /api/v1/invoices?private_notes=xxxxxxxx ?

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Yes, that would be the idea @david


Available in the next release.

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Thanks! Do you have a specific date/week for the release?

I can see that the last 5.5.56 release has this feature. Thank you for your work!

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