Search bar Renders Error

InvoiceNinja has been setup and functioning properly except for the search bar. But When I search for any content, invoice, client, task, etc… it renders a page not found…

This site can’t be reached ninja’s server IP address could not be found.

I am merging the server from a NAS (due to slowness) to a new server using MAMP. Synology server search worked fine. Any help would be appreciated. Cannot determine if the error is being rendered by Apache or MYSQL.

Not sure I understand, the search is client side. What link is returning a not found?

Not in client mode. Search for Invoice, client etc. Top Left corner. [Search:shortcut is/]. Will not return any source data, says IP address could not be found. Sorta like the url changed somehow or not linked to the correct database. It works fine on the synology server. I can look up clients by phone number, name, invoice number etc. But not on MAMP server. The synology server was using Mariadb database and MAMP is using MYSQL. I always understood to the same, so not sure what I am doing wrong. The search url returns as localhost:3306/clients/157, but I’m not on the localhost computer… I am logged in via a network computer while the server is in the backroom. So how do I get the server database to search the host server instead of my local network computer? I looked in logs and no errors are listed.

Is APP_URL correct in the .env file?