SDK Mark paid seems to not be working

Hello Team, When I send [‘mark_paid’ => true] over the SDK in the invoice details, the invoice is not being marked as paid.
Any ideas?


@david any thoughts?

Note: using the API directly you need to add &paid=true


I believe the docs are wrong,

instead of mark_paid is should be paid

i’ll correct the docs.

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Thank you so much for your fast response!
I just tried and seem to not be working.
Im sending [‘paid’ => true] as second parameter as stated on docs. Also tested mark_paid just in case and didnt work either.
Just in case, Im using Invoice ninja version v5.3.85

Looking at the code I seen that action is called mark_paid. And I was able to make it work via bulk request, as I seen invoice ninja does at its invoices list.

$invoiceNinjaId = $ninja->invoices->create( $invoiceDetails )[‘data’][‘id’];
$ninja->invoices->bulk( “mark_paid”, [ $invoiceNinjaId ] );