Schedule recurring annual invoice for future

I’d like to understand exactly how to set up a scheduled, annual invoice that isn’t due for a few months and how/when emails are sent to the client. From research it appears that the following happens, and I’d like to understand that I’ve got this correct. For the purposes of this, I’ll assume that the invoice isn’t due until September 1st, but that it is a recurring annual invoice.

  1. Create a recurring invoice
    1. Ensure that the Start Date is set to September 1st of the current year
    2. Ensure that the End Date is set as required
    3. Complete the rest of the invoice as required
    4. Do NOT select Email Invoice, but select Mark Ready
      1. If Email Invoice was selected, the email would be immediately sent to the client. This isn’t the desired procedure considering the invoice isn’t due as yet.
  2. Configure a Reminder Email
    1. Select Settings > Advanced Settings > Templates & Reminders
    2. Scroll down the page to Reminder Emails
    3. Set the schedule for the First Reminder as “0 days from due date
    4. Ensure that Send Email is set to Enable
    5. Select Save

When set up this way:

  • No email will be sent immediately.
  • The system automatically checks when invoices are due and if the due date is the same as the current date, then the email is sent by the system - no interaction from an administrator is required.


One thing confuses me above, in 1.1 and 1.2 you’re referencing field names from the create invoice page but you say you’re creating a recurring invoice. ie, there is no ‘Invoice Date’ field when creating a recurring invoice.

@hillel - apologies, you’re correct - I was using the normal invoice fields, as opposed to the recurring ones. I’ve updated my OP accordingly. Additionally, as I look at this, a recurring invoice wouldn’t need the email reminders would it? It occurs naturally… as you can tell, I’m new to this software, but loving it all the same!

Right, exactly… with a recurring invoice it will automatically email the invoice on the send date.

Awesome, welcome!