Saving me time, awesome tool

I just want to thank the developers and all the other people and work that has gone into Invoice Ninja for their work. I self-host, and while it has taken a fair bit of time to setup (a reasonable amount though), IN has saved me tonnes of time, makes me look MORE professional than before, and helps me keep track so much better than I was doing before!

Invoice Ninja has made it so I can spend almost no time on invoicing, and way more time on actually getting work done, and then getting paid!

It’s super convenient for my clients, and if setup correctly (as I have done), it’s very secure too!

I plan to get a whitelabel subscription shortly, since one of my tastier invoices just got paid :wink:

Keep up the lovely work, and I hope to try and contribute where I can in the parts that interest me too (such as enhanced user security/access controls).

Thanks for the kind words!

They’re well deserved. I also like that I can see the Trello pipeline! (at least some of it)