Save button bar vanishes sometimes

Having issues with the desktop app. When running tasks the save button bar is nowhere to be found. Also when running tasks, when I attempt to enter a time using the keyboard I am getting ‘Enter a valid time’


Can you please post a screenshot of the missing save button?

I think the problem with the task time may be from 24 hour time, we’ll work to correct it.

It’s worth noting you don’t need to use the popup to enter the time, you can enter it directly in the form field itself.

Thanks for the reply. Of course I cant replicate the missing save bar (blue area) vanishing but it always coincides with the client name vanishing from the selection box after I have gone through the process of logging the task.

You can actually set the times manually via the form field unfortunately, I tried that multiple times. They always reset back to what they were, see screen cast here on dropbox . Probably best download the video because Dropbox is useless at streaming it.

Thanks for the video! Which version of the app are you using? You can check by clicking the about button in the bottom left corner.

Its version v5.3.29-W62


  • Is military time enabled on Settings > Localization
  • Do you see if a difference if you use the web app?


24 Hour clock wasnt activated but when I did activate it the issue with the time settings disappeared.


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