Sales Tax per Client

Hello…I hope all is well. Congratulations on 5.0. We have looked at IN in the past but 4.0 would not work for us. But 5.0 solves a lot of our issues…Thank you!
But one key area that is a concern for us is that in our state in the US there are multiple tax rates depending on the county where the customer resides in. So we are obligated to collect sales tax for that particular county at that rate. I checked on the client file and I do not see a default tax rate. Is it located somewhere else? Or does it not exist yet?

Thanks again for your efforts. 5.0 looks awesome!


Glad to hear it :slight_smile:

We actually just added the option to set a default tax rate for a client (or group) but the new version hasn’t been released yet. It should be available within a few days.

Wonderful!..We are looking forward to it.

Thank you!

Hello…I was just wondering if the feature to add sales tax per client has been added. I know you mentioned it might be setup via groups. Is that how it would be setup? I can’t see it on the free account as we are testing it so I am not quite sure how it works.

Basically, in our state (NY) we have multiple tax rates we need to keep track of since every county has their own rate.


This feature has been added, you can now set default invoice taxes at the group or client level.