Sales Tax and Administrators/Users

Love this software, We are almost ready to go live with it. I noticed today that users that are NOT administrators do not get the Sales tax line to show up in the subtotal area. The Invoice Total does reflect tax properly. But if we have a customer that is tax exempt (which there doesn’t seem to be a client option for) Users cannot exempt the invoice.
Administrators, everything works properly.

Another quick question… Administrators can Enable/Disable modules such as “Recurring Invoices” (which we don’t plan on using) and they do not appear in the menu list… Is there a way to have these not show up in the Client Portal? I’d just like to keep the Client side as simple as possible.

Thanks! Appreciate you guys!


I’m not sure what would cause this. Do you see this problem in both the desktop and mobile layouts? You can switch by clicking the arrow in the bottom left corner near the total.

Thanks for the suggestion! cc @ben @david

I wasn’t aware of the mobile layout…neat…
But yes the issue persists in both layouts… no visible way to exempt tax as a “user” even with all permissions. (just not admin)

This isn’t a terrible problem for us, I was just trying to limit exposure to the admin settings… Don’t need people clicking on things they shouldn’t be messing with.
If you are saying you can’t duplicate it, then I am curious if I did something wrong somewhere else.
I know enough to be dangerous, and then throw darts till something works… (not a web expert)

@david can you please check that taxes are being included for non-admin users?

I’ve updated the query.