Sales Representative as a "main" attribute of documents


I’m starting to use IncoiceNinja, still learning a lot.

In my little company, we work with sales representatives and we use quotes and invoices to measure a lot of things:

  • who's rep "owns" that deal / client
  • productivity
  • internal goals
  • sales rep commission (over invoices)
  • who are closing deals and when
  • ...

This may be a mayor change, but it would be great to “interact” (filter, view, order, etc) with the documents and the data also in terms of the sales rep.

So, two questions:

  1. is this the right place to request a feature? (or GitHub?)
  2. is there any light way to adapt what we have now to my actual needs?

Thanks in advance! (i’m from Chile, we don’t use to speak in english… sorry if I miss something!)


  1. You can request a feature here, on GitHub or by email.

  2. You can see the user who created the invoice by exporting the data.


What a fast answer! Thanks!

Changing a little bit my question: is there any light way to adapt InvoiceNinja to my needs?

You can submit a request here: