Sage Pay South Africa Integration

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Your integration with Sage Pay UK refers.

We have some clients from Sage Pay South Africa who would like to have Invoice Ninja integration to use their Sage Pay ZA account in conjunction with Invoice Ninja, rather than move their accounting package to one that supports Sage Pay ZA integration.

Sage Pay South Africa is a transaction processing company wholly owned by the SAGE group internationally; which allows for debits and credits via our system- into the banking system in South Africa. All the Sage Accounting and Payroll products (currently more than 90% market share) in South Africa has Sage Pay ZA built into the core products for their users to make and receive payments. If you follow the recommendation in terms of integration, any Sage product in South Africa will be able to absorb and reconcile any integrated transaction you send into the core application making it a seamless recon – saving time, resources -and money eliminating human errors – right down to open item allocation (an item, on an invoice, on a statement).
Our value proposition is that we offer the end user a lower transaction processing fee than what he would be able to get from his/her bank due to our “bulk buy” in the South African banking system – and the fact that we can offer multiple services to a business in one account.

We would like our invoice/quote/statement payment options and our other services to be available to our South African clients using Invoice Ninja.

Who can I talk to regarding such integration into Sage Pay ZA? Our Sage Pay ZA API has more details regarding the integration.

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Donovan Marais
Technical Integration Manager, Sage Pay ZA
Office: +27 (0) 21-521-5200 | Direct: +27 (0) 21-521-5211

Hi, thanks for reaching out!

My partner Shalom will reply to your email tomorrow, he’s currently travelling.